Hans Jörg Bachmann | Biography and Exhibition Catalogue



1949 born in Arbon (CH)
lives und works in Biel/Bienne(CH)



1976–1979  Study of German language, History and Art, University of Education, PHS St. Gallen
1979–1981  Study of free painting and art education, University of the Arts, West Berlin (D)
1985  Co-founder of the Kunsthalle St. Gallen (CH)
1985–1996  President of the Association of the Kunsthalle St.Gallen (CH)
1989/1990  Study visits to Andalusia (ES)
1990–2012  art educator at grammar school and higher education levels
1993  Study visit to Mexico
1993–1997  Photography, F+F – School of Art and Design, Zürich
1995–2012  «Kunst und Schule», art education projects with contemporary artists
1997  Founding member FotoForum, St.Gallen (CH)
1997  Study visit to Mexico
2005–2007  Studio and study visits to Genua (IT)
2007/2012  Studio in Rodalquilar, Andalusia (ES)
2008  Study visit to Havanna
2011  Study visite to Shanghai
2013  Study visits to Tokyo and Kyoto
2015  Study visits to Kyoto
2017  Study visits to Kyoto


Solo Exhibitions

2017  «Au joli moi de mai», Biel/Bienne, Photography and Ink-Painting
2016  «Japanese impressions», SATO, Zürich
2016  «Forestpath», Photography, Claudia Geiser Gallery, Zürich (CH)
2015  «Au joli mois de mai», Voirie Biel/Bienne (CH), Photography/INK-painting
2015  «ARTHUR», Kulturraum, Biel/Bienne (CH)and «edition clandestin»
2015  «Après la cascade», Berenik
2015  Projektraum, Zürich (CH)
2014  Ethnological Museum, St.Gallen (CH), «JAPAN», Photography
2009  Gallery Werkart, St.Gallen (CH), Painting
2007  Palace Hall, St.Gallen (CH)
2007  «Belchite», Photography
2006  Historical Museum, St. Gallen (CH), «Rhonelgetscher», Photography
2004  Schloss Dottenwil, Wittenbach (CH) Photography and Drawing
2003  Casa latinamericana, St.Gallen (CH), «Mexico», Photography


Group Exhibitions

2018  «Au joli moi de mai», «AVIER» Bienne, with Urs Dickerhof
2018  Schwarz-Weiss, Bienne, with Urs Dickerhof, Martin Ziegelmüller, M.S. Bastian/Isabelle L.
2017  Hiromi Miyamoto/HJ. Bachmann, «Les visions de la nature», Gallery art étage, Biel/Bienne (CH)
2016  Mercato coperto, Photography, Giubiasco (CH)
2016  Josef Felix Müller/HJ. Bachmann, «Au joli moi de mai», Biel/Bienne (CH)
2015  «SHIBUYA», Photography and INK-drawing, Projektraum Komhaus, Rorschach (CH)
2015  Japanese Art Forum JARFO, Kyoto (JP), Photography
2014  Japan. Information and cultural Center, Bem, «Kalligraphy»
2011  «5-Stem», visarte ost, St.Gallen (CH)
2010  Galerie WERKART, St.Gallen (CH)
2008  exex — visarte.ost, St.Gallen (CH)
2007  «5-stern», visarte ost, St.Gallen (CH)
2006  Galleria h44, Genua (IT)
2001  Atelierausstellung Josef Felix Müller, St.Gallen (CH)
1999  Kleines Kunsthaus St. Gallen (CH)
1998  Sidecar, Kunsthalle St. Gallen (CH), «Hoteles», Photography
1997  FotoForum St. Gallen (CH)
1996  FotoForum St. Gallen (CH)
1990  Adjudicatedannual exhibition, Museum of Art, St.Gallen (CH), Painting
1984  Kunstszene St. Gallen (CH), Painting



Medienzentrum Kreuzlingen (CH)
Oberstufenzentrum Wittenbach (CH)
Ethnological Museum, St. Gallen (CH)
Art Collection, Kanton St. Gallen (CH)
Thiébaud-Frey Stiftung, Bellmund (CH)